Q. What’s development? Discuss the importance of developmental perspective in the prognosis and treatment of mental disorders. 10

Model Answer outline :

Development involves changes that may be positive or negative. Mental disorder is one such negative development.
Developmental perspective assumes a new change, for example clinical depression, could be the due to the interactive genetic and environmental factors. The developmental perspective further helps in discerning the pattern of development. Gesell’s development chart describes general normative development and any delayed or disordered development is compared from it. A more sophisticated such tool is DSM 5 or ICD 11 which helps in accurate diagnosis( giving a name) and prognosis ( predicting the sequence of development ) of the disordered development.
Needless to say, without taking developmental perspective, we won’t be able to understand the dynamics of the mental problem and no any therapy will be complete. If we, for example, don’t know that over drinking would lead to tolerance and sudden quitting to withdrawal symptoms, no any therapy will be developed to handle this twin issues.
Indian as well allopathic models of treatment fully recognise the importance of the knowledge of development of a disorder. It is why even in homeopathy, case history data is collected.

-Arun Kumar

Mentor, Beautiful Mind