Arun Kumar

M.Sc (Psy). UGC – NET, Psy.D.

Founder – Beautiful Mind-IAS, New Delhi

Arun kumar has been guiding IAS aspirants for more than 20 years. In the beginning, he worked for a coaching institute in Delhi but soon realised that the “lecture model of guidance” is not very effective in terms of results. If given personal guidance, he believed, even an averagely talented student would get success in the IAS examination . He started giving personal guidance side by side to some students to test his belief. And its results were surprisingly good. They got success in the minimum possible time.

Inspired by the results , he founded ‘ Beautiful Mind – Institute for personal guidance for IAS examination in October 2010.After that, Beautiful Mind has been a prime factor in the success of rank 10,11, 16, 18, 27.. & several others over the years.The institute, presently, offers personal guidance for psychology optional, Essay, Ethics and interview.