It was a winter evening and i was waiting for a train at Warangal railway station. As it was delayed for about an hour, i started walking here and there on the platform. I got some space on a bench where several students were seated around. From their conversation i came to know they all were engineering students of Warangal regional engineering college. They were talking about civil service preparation and what this competition demands. One of them said” I know it is a very hard nut to crack”. Other one added” requires very hard work, dedication, determination and devotion” The other one intervened ” and perseverance also..” .Today after several years and having worked with several successful and unsuccessful IAS aspirants, i think how stereotyped views students have about this examination. Students often use these big philosophical words to portrait how great this examination is. Some would say this is the world toughest examination, as if they have really analysed the difficulty level of such examination. From my own experience i can advise you don’t believe in these mechanical articulations of the jargon. Several students pick these jargon from hear and say and keep repeating them to glorify it. In practice, they do very little. It’s challenging but not so difficult if you have a good teacher and guide who can help you prepare flawlessly and alarm you in time if any thing goes wrong. I don’t mean teacher only from coaching institutes. Most students are not competitor for you as they only think, talk & plan big but act little or don’t act at all. I would like to advise you to keep moving on a simple and workable plan. Set and achieve goals at daily and weekly basis. Give regular tests and correct your preparation under the light of the its report. Very soon you will find yourself ahead of many students …and don’t say it requires hard work ; Its only requires that you should love it.

And exactly the same is our philosophy. I love guiding and training students for the civil service examination. I have been witness of Rank 10, 18, 27, 36, and hundred of other students in their journey through civil service preparation & examination. Beautiful Mind is a center for personal guidance exclusively for the civil service examination where you get what you really require and in a very customized way.

Arun Kumar,

Founder-Beautiful Mind 

M.Sc( Psy), UGC(NET), Exp(10+ yrs ). 

Authored e-Books: Ethical Behavior , Research Studies in Applied Psychology

Mentored CSE Rankers: 10, 16, 18, 27, 36,47, 56,80,87,….