1 thought on “Ageing population and demographic dividend”

  1. introduction: citizen that are above 60 years of age are senior citizen. As per the report of United Nation Population Fund, the number of senior citizen that is 100 million now will cross 300 million in 2050.
    what problem they are facing and why : they are facing problems related to ageing and non communicable disease i.e diabetes, cancer, hihgh pressure.Women are more vulnerable due to longer life expectancy. Most of them have nil savings and as 93% are employed in informal sector, they are not covered under any social security scheme.Most of them are dependent on sons. Joint family system used to be a part of care of old population but urbanisation, industrialisation has done away with it . Now families are nuclear ones and they are left with nobody to care once they lose their husbands. As per NCRB data, incidence of torture on senior citizen has increased manifold.
    consequence : the problem is not only physical but also psychological. As they feel they are burden to family. Hence, right to life with dignity under art 21 has been violated.
    Govt intervention : 1. ministry of social justice came with rastriya vayoshree yojna that is a central sector scheme and will provide free physical aids, spectacles to old people under bpl category.
    2. vaya vandana yojna and atal pension yojna
    3. ipop scheme
    4.maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizen has been passed. Here son has to take care of parents or parents might revoke property being inherited.
    5. wellbeing centre hasbeen established.
    6. unclaimed fund from epf hasbeen transferred to senior citizen fund.
    international perspective: here india may learn from other countries how they are providing skill training to senior citizen to get employed. Here skill india mission can help.
    way forward: in order to realise honouranle pm’s dream sab k sath sab ka vikas , mulistakeholder approach is needed. NGO, civil servants, community, family all have to come forward so that senior citizen can spend the rest of their lives with dignity.

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