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  1. Since problems faced by farmers are not new in India , so are their agitations. From Champaran movement to recent agitation in Maharashtra show that farmers have always opted for agitation against the authority. “Gaon bandh” called by farmers is a result of persistent problems faced by them and negligence of their demands. Their demands have consistently centred around the following.
    a. Enhancement of MSP regime for crops in line with MS Swaminathan Commission.
    b. Higher prices for milk procurement.
    c. Loan waivers to offset low or negative return on investment.
    Protests by tribal farmers for making them owners of land, show that this farmers agitation is not confined only to any specific section of society.
    Swaminathan committee found that followings are the major causes of agrarian distress that has led to mushrooming of suicide cases by farmers.
    a. Unfinished agenda in land reform .
    b. Quantity or quality of water.
    c. Technological fatigue.
    d. Timeliness and inadequacy of institutional credit.
    Given the wideness of the farmer’s agitation,
    Bharat bandh would be better phrase to describe the situation. Bharat bandh is a culmination of multiple attempts made over a year to red flag the system malaise in agriculture.

    1. Good effort Alice.

      DEMAND: The question has two parts. one to expand the statement. Second to link the statement with problems of the farmers.

      The first part demands you to expand the idea Gaon Bandh agitation is not specific to one section of farmers like sugarcase, tomato farmers. Most of the different sections farmers are participating in it. Their demands also coincide. Secondly, the method protest has also changed. The protests are more like industrial strike where nothing is produced.

      Your linking of the agrarian crisis to the british era policies is apt. You should also mention monsoonal vagaries.

      However, you have not expanded the idea that the bundh is not restricted to one section of farmers.

      1. In the problems you can list many more: unprofitability of agriculture to majority of the farmers, dependence on moneylenders, inadequate financial insurance tools like forwards market for agricultural produce etc.

      2. give a small two word example ror statistic for the side heading wherever the heading or point is vague. example: technological fatigue? what is it?

      SCORE: 1+3 = 4/10

  2. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. More than 60 percent of the population are dependent on the agriculture and its allied sectors.
    Unfortunately, the condition of the farmers, who are the main participants in the agriculture sector, are suffering the most. Their condition can be drawn from the recent protest ‘Gaon Bandh’- a ten-day strikes organised by the farmer’s organization on 1 june.
    The bandh is not about the immediate crisis faced by specific section of farmers, instead a culmination of factors that were rising since a long time back. The dissatisfaction of the farmers arised from
    1. the failures of the efforts to free the agriculture market from the control of government and intermediaries.
    2. the failure of strengthening the food processing sector.
    3. the government’s failure to implement its promises of doubling farmer’s income and raising Minimum Support Price.
    Therefore, the main demands of the gaon- bundh, which are not new, include:
    1. Enhancement of the minimum support price regime for crop in line with swaminanthan commission’s recommendation
    2. Higher priced for milk procurement
    3. Loan waivers to offset low or negative returns on investment.
    We can infer from the above demands that the protest is the culmination of many factors.

    1. Almost suitable.

      You have given reasons for the historical factors. Many more can be included: major problem is that agriculture is not profitable anymore.

      1. long intro
      2. second part of the Q: inadequate. see Alice’s answer

      Suggestions for improvement:
      1. keep the introduction short. Come to the point quickly. you are wasting precious time by writing stuff that won’t fetch you any marks.
      2. first part needs to explain that agitation is not limited to one section of farmers.
      3. Include more points about the problems.

      3+1 = 4 /10

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