5 thoughts on “Computer model of human memory is too simplistic. Critically evaluate this statement. 150 words”

  1. Human mind is can be understood in terms of computer memory by Atkinson-Shiffrin model where is he termed the memory as – Sensory Memory, Short Term Memory(STM) and Long Term Memory(LTM).

    Memory is too simple to understand by this model. As it goes from Sensory Memory to STM then after meaningful interpretation it will move to the LTM. Although evidence suggest that it is not as simple as computer memory. For instance studies suggest that – if STM was abnormal by any physical damage then memory will go directly from Sensory memory to LTM, against computer model.

    In STM the information is coded acoustically and whereas in LTM it is semantically. However research shows that items can be encoded with its meaning in STM and sound of an item can be encoded in LTM, for example, the sound of our favourite song have clear representation in our LTM.

    Computer model of memory distinct between its types but there are studies which is compatible with the view that human has only one kind of memory.

    Thus, the human memory can be understood in simple way by this model but it does not have holistic approach towards memory as this model has certain limitations and contradiction.

    1. Good effort
      Think of more points that show that the computer model of memory is too simplistic to explain all aspects of human memory system.

  2. With the advent of computers, the common belief that human memory is a vast storehouse of information changed. Atkinson and shiffrin proposed the Information Processing model based on the memory system of computers. The model suggested that just like computers Input and Output of information involves multi stages viz encoding, processing and retrieving.
    The computer model is NOT SIMPLISTIC , it is rather COMPLEX.
    The complexity of the model can be understood from its basic assumption that information passes through various memory systems which have different functions and capabilities.
    First , the sensations are taken as input via Senses and are stored in sensory memory system for fraction of a second. It then passes to short term memory (STM) where encoding takes place . The information stays here for about 18-22 sec. Finally Semantic organization of the information enables it to get registered in Long term memory(LTM). To retrieve the information reverse procedure is followed.
    Thus we see that a long and complex procedure is involved in computer model .

    1. I think you didn’t understand the question properly. Your answer just describes the process but doesn’t evaluate and highlight the inadequacy of the computer model.

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