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  1. Individual differences is a reality of all living beings. Initially the difference between the species was more visible. It was easy to accept and observe these differences. Further intra species differences were also recognised which was categorised under genetic variance and experience based differences.
    Psychology as behavioural science had two responsibility, firstly observing the variable as human behaviour and secondly observing in a scientific way.
    Neither it had privilege of philosophy of providing just compelling reasons nor that of science whose variables like sodium, potassium, mass energy are invariant.
    So to address it’s challenge it has to accept the variance among the individuals. So since we cannot make it constant so we adjust our observations by considering it as reality.

    Its importance in vocational guidelines –
    1. It provides the variables on which individuation varies like- aptitude, achievement, interest, values, attitudes. For some interest variance may be very critical like artistic related activity and aptitude may not be important.
    2. It provides norm to compare. Once we recognise individual difference, we can find a norm to compare for ability related vocational guidelines.
    3. It teaches the fact that individuals are just different and not better or worse making the guideline more just.

    Further vocational guidelines can use available techniques to overcome the challenge of difference and methods to make pertinent adjustments to accommodate different individuals.

  2. When two or more individuals are put into same situation usually there is considerable differences in the thinking and behavior response among them.To explain this difference we need the concept of Individual Differences in psychological attributes like personality,intelligence etc.

    Vocational guidance has the main goal of ensuring man environment fit. The concept of Individual differences helps in vocational guidance by –
    1) Preparing information about the requirement regarding various psychological attributes in various job profiles according to the roles and responsibilities of employees.
    2).Individuals can evaluate themselves according to their aptitude, attitude, interests, values etc. Hence, they can assess their psychological profile and make an informed decision about what profession to choose.
    It also helps the mentally handicapped individuals to choose appropriate job that fits his level of mental functioning.
    In these ways vocational guidance based on Individual differences helps in achieving proper utilization of manpower. Indirectly, it helps in raising productivity and in minimizing unemployment/under-employment.

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