Cyber addiction: How to get rid of it?

we use , overuse and misuse several things. When we overuse something even when we know we should not as it is affecting badly, this  helpless condition is called- addiction. Addiction comes in various forms like drugs addiction, alcohol addiction, addiction of technology( cyber addiction ) .Psychology of addiction says that someone gets addicted to something because it gives intense pleasure and satisfaction. The quantum of pleasure is so much and so good that the user feels too high with it and too low without it. This creates a vicious cycle due to dynamics of positive and negative motivations for the sustained addictive behaviours.( Solomon)

    1. To control addiction, medical science makes uses of tranquilizer to nulify withdrawal symptoms and put individuals in the controlled condition of no use . Can we do the same for handling cyber addiction? Theoretically yes, we can. But due to non medical conditions and relatively new problems, presently, behavioral / cognitive behavioral therapies are in frequent uses.
    2. The addicted person is counseled to understand , realise and accept that he/she is behaviorally not okay and needs professional help to come out of it.This is a big step in psychotherapy. Once we realise the issue, we start getting ready for the change.
    3. Self instructional design of behavioral therapy is more frequent nowadays. Strategic time out for the IT use on the weekends/ dayend  and more physical meeting are suggested by the professional and the addicted individuals try to follow the it. Family members are also advised to encourage the addicted individuals to follow the time out schedule. Time gap is not empty but filled with pleasurable physical purposive/ hobbies activities.

To maximize the reinforcing effects of the timeout, token economy is also supplemented. The tokens so collected are advised to exchange for the non cyber technological use.Within a spam of few weeks, the problem subsidies. The person with certain personality traits however, like obsessive compulsive personality traits , research indicates, develops addiction easily and  takes more time to get de-addicted.

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