What’s the concept of e-Practice Series?

Practice is the key for master performance in any competition. e-Practice series is an extended and enriched version of our test series program. I have seen that if a student does regular practice instead of taking a few long tests after prelims , he/she usually scores better in the examination.

  1. How does it works?  
  • A student gets a practice question( preferably from CSE previous years questions in chapter wise manner)  everyday from Monday to Friday which he would answer after going through the relevant materials on the same day. The answers written by enrolled students will be evaluated by Arun Kumar. Enrolled Students will need to write its answer same day on paper and send for evaluation on a dedicated WhatsApp No. by 11.30 pm( late submission is not allowed )   A discussion( online & offline )  will be organised at the week end( Saturday ) . It will be supplemented by audio/video lectures. Isn’t that all an intelligent student needs to improve in  optional?

Who can join us?

Anyone who is seeking a practice series programs for psychology optional or GS4: ethics

Fee:  Students can write their answers for free. If one , however, seeks to be included in the list of ” 25 Prime Students ” whose answers are evaluated every scheduled day , he needs to pay  its fee.

For psychology: Rs 2500/month

For ethics: Rs 2500/month

The non-prime members would never get their answers evaluated. The feedback on how to improve is limited to just Prime Students.

Admission is going on. For more information, please email us  info@beautifulmindias.com.