Our successful  online students

Parul Pradhan, Rank 320, CSE-17

She attended our classes from Odisha. She has been working with a PSU while preparing for the civil service examination.

Mounica Devagudi, Rank 465,CSE-17

She attended our classes & tests  from the USA. She would get up at 3 am to attend our live discussion classes in India for the civil service examination…

A sample lecture by Arun Kumar


Our online student Mittali Shethi Rank 56, CSE-16




Personal Guidance


M.Sc.(Psy),UGC (NET), Psy.D,

10+ yrs of teaching experience

*Complete solution for Psychology optional !

Mentor of  Ranks 10, 18, 27, 111, 252, 284, 339, 355, 365, 400 420  630..and many more


Salient Features the online program:

  1. Live (real time ) and interactive online classes. It simply means like the classroom students, online students too can ask questions during the discussion . See review by rank 56 CSE 2016
  2. Fully synchronized and at par with offline classes.
  3. Only for 20 online students in a batch for better interactions
  4. Discussion ( Not just dictation). Students are encouraged to ask questions in the class. Personal attention for everyone
  5. Everyday test and randomized evaluation through Whats App
  6. Running successfully since 2016.  
  7. Fee, Duration ,Timing of the classes are the same as for the classroom course.

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