Essay  Test Series For CSE 2018

Personal Guidance Program

[Evaluation-as per UPSC scale and standard]

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Our achievements in CSE 2016

 A. Chandrima  got 161 marks in essay in CSE 2016

Click to see her answer booklet 

Anshul Gupta, Rank 18, CSE 2015

Anshul Gupta’s Evaluated Paper

Essay is an x-ray test of a student’s intellectual and attitudinal profile. This is not simply an answer to a given question but an open reflections given by  a student that indicates her knowledge base, understanding level ,her interpretations power of fluid realities and logical conclusion drawing skills from them and most important to all how all these are presented in a logical fashion so that it makes a good impression on the the reader.To write a good essay requires constant training and  feed-backing containing merit based praises and criticisms. One could write an essay without any training which could incidentally fetch good score but to write such a good essay consistently requires stable and well grounded perspectives and presentation skills which comes only from practice.

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