Ethics CSE’13 Model Answer

Q.What is meant by ‘crisis of conscience? Narrate one incident in your life when you were faced with such a crisis and how you resolved the same. [ CSE 2013 ]

The approach: In this question, you need to clarify the meaning of the crisis of conscience with the help of examples. You need not to worry about the exact definition as such things do not have uniform and standard definitions. You should then add one event from your own life ( as the question asks) that involved such dilemma.

The answer: Conscience is our inner self comprising morality . This is conscience that prevents us from doing immoral behavior. This is our internal regulator. It doesn’t follow logical principle but operates on moral principle. When we are indulged in such behavior which are logically correct but morally inappropriate then our own conscience may revolt. It results in guilt feeling. This could be called a crisis of conscience .

A cop who opens fire on protesting unarmed civilian under the command of his officer may reason in defence but may fail to console his own conscience. The post world war depression among the military personal of the wining nations are often explained in term of crisis of conscience.
* add your personal experience to elaborate it further as asked in the question…….

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