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I have been teaching GS ethics since its inception in CSE in  2013 . I know IAS aspirants look for some authentic material of the subject. And so many materials are coming every week on ethics  but they are often too bulky , very abstract and incoherent compilations from the too many sources . My students in general don’t feel very satisfied. When i myself went through them, i also did not find them as interesting as ethics text should be. I then tried to write something based on my teaching experience. In this ,I tried to explain the concepts with the help of examples from the real life. This approach has been widely appreciated by my students. Here,I put  an excerpt from my e-book. Hope you will also  like it.

e-Book: Ethical Behaviour  [ Copyright material ]

CSE’17 Questions & Model Answer Discussion by Arun Kumar

Lecture 1 in Hindi & English medium

Lecture 2 English Medium only

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