Freud & Erickson

Q.Examine the interrelation between Freud and Erickson’s models of personality. 10

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  1. According to freud personality development takes place in a series of fixed psychosexual stages. On the other hand Erickson maintained that personality develops in a predetermined order through eight stages of psychosocial development.

    Erickson’s theory followed Freud’s theory and was based on many of freud’s ideas.Both recognise the importance of the unconscious mind on personality development.

    Both theorists centre development around a form of conflict.When the conflict is not resolved appropriately ,emotional distress occurs which can lead to mental illness.Childhood is crucial tp personality formation both theories say that childhood trauma can distort the development of personality.

    Freud called the first year of life as the oral stage of development wheras Erickson called this stage of development trust vs mistrust.Both believe that a child develops their sense of trust at this stage of development.

    Freud called the third year of life as the anal stage of development and Erickson called this autonomy vs shame and doubt.Both believe that a sense of independence is learned at this stage of development.

    Freud’s and Erickson ‘s theories of development of personality stressed the importance of social experiences and recognised the role that childhood plays in shaping adult personality.
    Unlike freud’s psychosexual approach,Erickson’s psychosocial stage theory took a lore expansive view of development, encompassing childhood, adolescence and adulthood

  2. Erickson being an ego psychologist built on Freuds Psychoanalysis perspective which led to inter relation in their respective personality models.

    Both believed that personality develops in series of stages during which conflicts and their gratifications influence personality.Erickson extended Freud’s concept of development to include the entire life span in progressive fashion,whereas Freud kept strict chronology.
    Erickson like Freud gave importance to heredity like psychosexual factors and even made the social dimension explicit which was implied in Freud’s work, taking socio cultural and historical environmental determinism into account. Hence Erickson explored social virtues associated with psychosexual stages in personality development.
    Both acknowledge the role of ego though Erickson, going beyond Freud’s defensive and executive function of ego ,emphasizing ego’s adaptive qualities.
    Both Oriented research on scientific psychoanalytic methods with Erickson adding philosophical tint. Freud focused on his patients whereas Erickson observed patients as well as healthy individuals.
    Both believed in Universality of the stage development by which individuals at a specific stage can be compared.

    Erickson didn’t modify rather expanded Freud’s dictum and enriched research on personality.

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