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  1. India has some of the longest rivers flowing through its boundaries. According to UN report, the water needs in this country will grow by 50% by 2030. So it is important to maintain healthy relation with the neighbouring countries. India believes in more assertive approach than aggressive approach.
    India and China share a long boundary. They also share Brahmaputra one of the longest river in the world. Although majority part flows in Tibet region of China. A considerable amount flows in India as well as in Bangladesh. Recently China is trying to build series of dams on the river Bhramaputra. Which not only adversely affect the north east region but also disturbs the ecosystem. This problem is not confined to India, even Bangladesh will be effected. Both PM’s of the respective countries took tough stands against the proposal made by China. Even though there is a tension raising in between India and China, a harmonious decision in this regard is expected in the near future.
    India and Bangladesh share the largest delta system in the world. Tessa river which is a tributary of Brahmaputra is the life line of Bangladesh. Over the period of time India successfully maintained a amicable relation with Bangladesh by managing river treaties etc
    India and Pakistan have no.of rivers flowing in between them. One of them is Indus. India has maintained its stand as per Indus water treaty which allows India to use 20% of the water.
    Even though India has slight disturbances with its neighbours India never took an aggressive stand. India always knew the importance maintaing relation with neighbours. Maintaing River waters with neighbours has shown India’s diplomatic spirit in solving issues rather than taking aggressive stand.

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