History optional

A practice series for CSE 2020

By: Madhulika Vijay Deogoji

[Rank 190, CSE-2018. 320 marks in History optional]

Online mode only.

A sample copy of evaluated paper: Click

Program objectives: Step by step learning, through performance, evaluation & prompt feedbacks, steady coverage of the whole syllabus.

Program Features:

  1. Daily( 5 days ) one questions will be given from the CSE previous year papers in chapter-wise manner.
  2. Students will need to write its answer same day and submit by 6 pm( late submission is not allowed ) on paper and send for evaluation on a dedicated whatsApp No.
  3. The answers will be evaluated and feedback will be given by almost by the same day.
  4. A model answer outline will also be provided. It will be supplemented by audio/video lectures.
  5. one-to one customized guidance will also be given time to time.

Who should join?: Those who have taken coaching from somewhere and have finished basic reading !

New Batch Upcoming for CSE 2020 !

  • From 13 th November 2019. .
  • Days of Test : Monday, Tuesday- Wednesday– Thursday, Friday
  • Duration: about 5 month.
  • Invitation Fee: Rs 2000 / month.( monthly payment only )
  • No. of seats: 25 only.
  • Admission is through a brief personal interview and test.

If interested, or have queries, please email us at info@beautifulmindias.com