How to write appropriate & adequate answers in minutes

An important answer writing tips for IAS main examination :
If you want to write a appropriate and adequate answer and don’t want to miss any important point, then apply JAM(just a minute) technique.
I use to write model answer frequently and I, myself,
have tested it. It works.
How to go:
Just read the question properly. And try to understand what is being specifically asked as a question usually asks about the some aspects, not every aspect, of a topic. It provides the exact contour of the answer.
Moreover, think about its answer and note the major points symbolically. And don’t be in hurry. The whole process merely takes 30 to 40 seconds. Give extra 20 seconds to organise those points.
Now you are ready to go to write your answer.
If you have 7 minutes for an answer, give one minute for planning and six minutes for execution. This method is more effective and efficient. And it doesn’t kill your time at all. Rather it save your time.
On the contrary, if you try writing and thinking simultaneously, that is required in creative writing, the answer is often not complete as you might miss some points or might write some points that are not required . In that case, you would need to cut some points after you have written. It will make the presentation untidy.
# This is just an advice. If you are comfortable with your way. Don’t try it.
Wishing you all the best for the CS-Exam for psychology optional.
Arun Kumar
Mentor, Beautiful Mind IAS