Humanistic Model of personality

Q. What are the key assumptions of humanistic perspective about human nature and personality? Are they different from the assumptions of other model? Answer precisely. 10 marks.

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  1. The humanistic perspective is an approach to psychology that emphasises empathy and stresses the good in human behaviour.Following are the key assumptions of humanistic perspective:

    -Humans have free will; not all behaviour is determined.
    -A proper understanding of human behaviour can only be achieved by studying humans not animals
    -All individuals are unique and are motivated to achieve their potential
    -Psychology should study the individual case rather than the average performance of groups.

    These assumptions are different from assumptions of other model.For instance both behaviourism and humanism have opposing assumptions like no free will versus free will.Behaviourism emphasises the importance of scientific process and assumes that individual are shaped by the environment while humanism rejects the scientific methods and assumes that individuals are shaped by an innate drive.

    Cognitive perspective of psychology assumes that human psychology is deeply rooted in the physiology of the brain .On the other hand humanistic psychology views human’s wholesomely ,subjectively with more considerations to human thoughts and human experience.

    Thus humanistic approach emerged as a reaction to the models like behaviourism ,psychoanalysis which are characterised as deterministic.However each branch has contributed to our understanding of the human mind and behaviour but this approach added another dimension that takes a more holistic view of the individual.

    1. Good ๐Ÿ‘.. Some facts however require correction. For instance, you have written.. (

      Cognitive perspective of psychology assumes that human psychology is deeply rooted in the physiology of the brain)… This is not just. Cognitive psychologists emphasize the processing of difference of information. They are not basically concerned about the physiology behind it.

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