Q.What are the different criterion that psychologists use to judge intelligence? Why are there several rather than a single criteria? Answer precisely. 10 marks

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  1. Intelligence is judged by different criterias. Some of them include:
    1. Intelligent quotient(IQ) : stanford- binet intelligence scale is used. It tests abilities such as verbal, mathematical, spatial etc. This is based on spearmans g-factor theory that says all intellectual tasks are because of single underlying general factor.
    2. deviation IQ : wechsler scale is used. It tests both verbal and non verbal abilities. It provides a relative score.
    3. Cognitive assessment system(CAS) : this is based on PASS model. It focuses on how one processes the information and includes reaction time etc
    There is no one criteria for judging intelligence because :
    1. The debate on what factors/processes constitute intelligence is still ongoing. While spearman provided the concept of g-factor, Gardner provided the concept of multiple intelligence that included musical, bodily kinesthetic also as intelligence. Sternberg included practicality and creativity in his triarchic theory. Only when there is an universal consensus, a single criteria to judge intelligence can be arrived at.
    2. intelligence is not a visible physical entity like height or weight. A person might be intelligent but may not perform well because of many factors Eg: dyslexic children. A single criteria might eliminate such factors.
    3. The complexity of human intelligence could be seen in the difficulty in working out a standard definition. A widely accepted definition is the mental ability to reason, comprehend, judge, solve problem and adapt to environment. The complex nature of these abilities itself make it difficult to arrive at a single criteria.

  2. Defining intelligence is not an easy task.Defferent researchers define intelligence differently with different createria. According to Spearman’s intelligence comprises two different abilities namely g factor : general intelligence and s factor:specific intelligence. Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory comprises nine different types Sternberg’s triarchic theory comprises three different aspect namely analytical, creative and practical

    To measure intelligence different test are used such as Binet’s mental ability test . In this method Binet decided that the key element to be tested was child ‘s mental age or average age at which children could successfully answer particular levels of questions.
    Terman adopted german psychologists stern’s method for comparing mental age and chronological age and derive intelligence quotient (IQ).

    As to define intelligence is not easy task . Cultural differences, individuals difference made this task more difficult. But it is believed the general intelligence help to achieve specific intelligence. So to define the the ability to learn from from one ‘s experience,acquire knowledge and use resources effectively in adopting to new situations or solving problems different researcher define differently

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