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Q. Discuss the new developments in Indo-Israel relationship under the backdrop of India’s​decision to abstain voting motion against Israel by the united nations human rights council and upcoming India’s PM visit to Israel in which he decided not to visit & meet Palestinian leaders. 7½ marks

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  1. 1.India and Israel relationship at the backdrop of present scenario can be seen as an act of”lets publicly accept that we are friends”on the occussion of anniversary of 25 years of full diplomatic relationship between both countries .India is 2nd home for jews.cordial relation between hindu and jews is century’s old.
    2.It is “Departure from past policy”.our goverment decided to bifurcate its relation with Israel and palestein.
    3.It will further enhance the engagements between two countries on the issue under the” anti terrorism homeland security aggrement” which they signed few years ago. both face islamic terrorism as the jihadi element think both jews and hindu are two external element as envisaged in Quaran.
    4.These ties further enhance “Make In India “initative by goverment of india which seeks two boost manufacturing in the country.there is already deal in defence,education and research work .now both countries decided to deveolo “surface to air missile system” for the army and it will be manufacture in india with 80% indigeneous content .
    5.Israel seen it as a way to break the solidarirty for pleastein in South East Asia as India is influential and strong country in South East Asia .on the other hand India sees it as balance of power as the threats from China and Pakistan continue to increase from pas few both contries knew that what they needs and will try to further intensift the diplomatic relation between them.

  2. The answer has substance. You need to refine it. India’s decision in the past to support PLO was due to its commitment to the principles that a sovereign country, no matter strong or weak should not be overpowered by any other country. The shift in the policy is due to more emphasis over India’s twin goals- Development & Security by the present leadership. Diplomatic apprehension is there that it would send a wrong signals to the group of Arabic countries, particularly to united nations economic and social commission for western asia ( ESCWA ) which comprises of 18 Arabian countries.
    The cost benefit analysis after Kargil war has driven India to redefine it’s relationship with Israel which is 3rd biggest arms/ related technologies supplier to India.

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