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  1. Short Term and Long-Term Memory are two stages of information processing model proposed by Atkinson and shiffrin.
    They are distinguished on following grounds:-
    It’s storage duration is limited to maximum of 30 seconds without rehearsal.
    It’s always conscious in nature and used for everyday working.
    It’s storage capacity has been found to be 7+or-2 items using digit span test studies.
    Its’ structure is more unitary than LTM.
    Information stored in mainly words or sounds.
    Forgetting is due to decay and storage limitations.
    It’s storage is unlimited.
    It’s not always conscious and comes into use when any item is to be picked from it by STM.
    It’s duration is unlimited as many studies have shown that once anything is learnt, remains there always.
    It contributes to our personality shaping.
    Information stored in terms of meaning.
    LTM is divided further into declarative and non declarative system.
    Forgetting is due to interference and disuse or improper encoding.

    1. You should emphasize and briefly audit the bases of distinction between STM and LTM . Brief scrutiny of bases is necessary as bases are not unanimously accepted. Some points like( It contributes to our personality shaping…etc) are unnecessary

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