Memory system

Q.  Examine the factors that influence the retention of the learned material. 10 marks

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  1. Retention and recall of information depends on multitude of factors:-
    1) Nature of information: The kind of information being processed by the subject influences its retention i.e. when information being presented is of mechanical nature or disorganized or unsymmetrical and having low semanticity with with not connected to context – retention tends to be poor
    2) Type of rehearsal: Information when processed through elaborative rehearsal with emphasis on context and meaning – recall rates tends to be high as we form semantic concepts and associations among the concepts
    3) Retrieval Cues: Learning information holistically with adequate retrieval cues improves the retention and recall of the information
    4) Spacing & Distinction: Learning information through temporal spacing provides ample time for information to cement in the memory (consolidation) and identifying the distinctiveness of the information from other memories facilitates retrieval and reduces interference
    5) Frequency of Usage: Once learnt, information needs to be revised periodically to safeguard from memory decay and improves retention.

    1. Retention is a dynamic process. You have rightly identified the prime factors that influence retention. Our memory depends both on what and how we memorize. Moreover, how we look for the material ( retrieval) also matters.
      Organise the points under fewer heads. Mention the scientific bases of the points you made.
      5/10 scaled marks

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