Methods of psychology

Q. What is a experiment? Distinguish between a lab experiment and a field experiment. 150words, 10 marks

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  1. An experiment is a research method to find a cause-effect relationship in a controlled condition. Variables that are tweaked are called independent variables(cause) and variables on which the effect of manipulation is observed is called dependent variable. Other variables that are kept constant are called extraneous or related variables.
    Eg: increasing the difficulty level of a question(independent variable) to gauge the mental ability of an age group(dependent variable).

    The difference between a lab experiment and a field experiment can be seen in below factors :
    1. lab experiment is finding out the cause effect relationship in a strictly controlled condition whereas field experiment is finding out the cause effect relationship in a natural setting.
    2. control over variables : In lab experiment, complete control over variables is established whereas in field experiment, complete control is not possible since experiment is conducted in natural setting.
    3. Validity: lab experiment has higher internal validity, field experiment had higher internal validity.
    4. Lab experiment provides accurate cause effect relationship because of better control over independent and extraneous variables. Field experiment provides realisitc cause effect relationship since experiments are done in real time.
    5. Example : Ivan pavlov’s classical conditioning experiment on dog is an example of lab experiment. Giving basic income to select people and observing its socio-economic impacts is an example of field experiment.

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