Psychology CSE’16 : Model Answer

Q.1(b).  How can the psychological well being of service professional be promoted? Discuss. 10 marks The approach: First you should clarify the meaning of psychological well being, specify the typical problems of service professionals in this regard and then suggest behavioural measures to lower the problems and enhance well being. The answer : Psychological well being is as important for the overall happiness of an individual as are the material and social well beings. Seligman.M describes psychological well being as how happy an individual  feels with himself and his environment. There are several internal and external determinants of psychological well beings. The Service professionals like a doctor, a CA, a counsellor, a consultant, etc work in the varied condition but they have something in common. They all deal with deal with people and their problems directly or indirectly. The respective technical abilities and skills are must as studies reveal that a big source of stress in an organisation is the lack of knowledge, ability and skills. Many professionals don’t have adequate knowledge and skills to deal with the tasks successfully. Imparting knowledge and training could be of great help for the service professionals. Improving outside condition is equally important. The lack of equity in rewards and remuneration among the coworkers give birth to frustration. ( Adam’s model). Role ambiguity is another source of stress in the professionals. When a doctor is asked to do admin work due to shortage of staffs in an organisation, he may feel dissatisfied. Time is another common factor. Service professionals often work with some deadlines. This creates huge pressure and hampers well being. Training for effective time management helps a lot in controlling stress. In  brief we can say that inappropriate skills,  attitude and social – physical environment are responsible for the poor psychological well being. Training for skills and suitable attitude could help at least in part  in improving well being of the professionals. It should be complemented with suitable change in the work environment.        

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