1 thought on “Organisational Behaviour”

  1. The process whereby one individual influences others towards the attainment of defined group or organizational goals. According to our definition , leadership is a process involving influences – one in which leader changes the action or attitude of several group member or subordinates.
    Many techniques for exerting such influences ranging from coercive to non coercive . But leadership refers to the non coercive techniques because people who rely on coercive forms of influences are considered dictators instead of leaders .Though Mao Zedong , founder of people republic of china ” power grows out of the barrel of a gun”
    Transformational leaders are the people who do things to revitalize and transform organisation of the society
    Key characteristic of transformational leaders are Charishma , self confidence , vision, environmental sensitivity , intellectual stimulation ( as they can recognize the problem and
    identify ways to solving it ) ,inspiration and morality.
    In the world of business ,steave jobs is the classic example of transformational leader as apple undergo a series of changes with respect to the ways it does business. Apple abandoned its bureaucratic style of business and now does good job of listening to the employee .

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