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  1. Poverty can be referred to as a condition of prolonged absolute deprivation of resources. Poverty is often assumed to run in a vicious circle whereby poverty is reinforced by itself.

    Poverty is a multifaceted concept including material ,psychological ,social and environmental factors. Poverty stricken countries are those which have been historically poor example: African countries. Also, the progeny of destitute and extremely poor are correlated with staying in poverty as experienced across the globe.

    Reasons why poverty breeds poverty:

    1 Poverty leads to absence of physical resources for bodily development and a congenial environment for cognitive and social development.

    2 Lack of expectancies: Seligman talks about learnt helplessness being prevalent in poor who often are driven by external locus of control which ultimately results in low self -efficacy and low self-esteem. This reduces one’s ability to take entrepreneurial initiatives.

    3 lack of Nutrition leads to abject mental and physical growth which leads to learning disabilities ,anxiety ,depression ,et cetera. This leads to low academic achievement.

    4 low achievement and high dependence motivation leads to low economic mobility.

    5 improper role models: They are less exposed to people amongst themselves who have broken the barrier and succeeded in life example BR Ambedkar

    Consequences of such inadequacies are dire. Countries like India is unable to unlock the demographic dividend due to poverty . Pollution ,crime ,terrorism ,human trafficking are some of the areas which are promoted due to poverty.

    Such a vicious cycle can be checked by a concerted all-round effort of various stakeholders in the society:

    1 government : proper implementation of schemes promoting equitable distribution of resources example:Implementaion of Universal basic income, ensuring proper Mid day meals with fortified foods in schools and 100% enrollment and retention of students till senior secondary should be ensured.

    2 civil society including NGOs: spreading awareness regarding one’s rights among the poor and acting as pressure groups 2 ensure proper implementation of schemes by the government.

    3 parents and teachers : the upcoming generation has to be shielded from the inadequacy rosenthal and seligman in a study found that students internalize the expectancy is of their teachers and perform accordingly So the teacher should show unconditional positive expectations likewise the parents should be trained 2 interact with their children with love and affection an unconditional positive regard.

    4 role of psychologist: they should work at the community level and encourage people to take moderate risk with cooperation. Secondly, they can rehabilitate delinquents ,people suffering from psychological disorders et cetera. Thirdly they can help in social integration by reducing caste ,religion and region conciousness among the population.

    Poverty as a consequence of poverty has been undermined before. Examples such as BR Ambedkar , prosperous black community of America and country such as China have emerged out of poverty.

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