From August 1st, 2019 

Admission is closed for the month of August 2019. It will reopen for the month of September on 29th August 2019 if seats get vacant. 


 PRACTICE Series  PROGRAM for CSE 2020

Exclusively on CSE ( Since 2013 )Q-papers

Topic-wise # Daily one Q #  Monthly fee #

By: Arun Kumar, Mentor- Beautiful Mind IAS

Online  & Offline modes

Program objectives:  Step by step learning,  through performance, evaluation & prompt feedbacks,  steady coverage of the whole syllabus.

Program Features: 

  1. Daily( 5 days )  one questions will be given from the CSE previous year  papers in chapter-wise manner.
  2.  Students will need to write its answer same day and submit by 8 pm( late submission is not allowed )  on paper and send for evaluation on a dedicated whatsApp No.
  3. The answers will be evaluated and feedback will be given by the same weekend.
  4. A discussion( online & offline )  will be organised at the week end( SAT/SUN ) . It will be supplemented by audio/video lectures.
  5. one-to one customized guidance will also be given time to time.

Who should join?: Those who have taken coaching of psychology from somewhere and have finished basic reading !

New Batch Upcoming for CSE 2020 !

  •  From : 1st August 2019 . Admission is closed.
  • Days of Test : Monday, Tuesday- Wednesday– Thursday, Friday
  • Days of discussion: Saturday/ Sunday
  • Duration: about 7 month.
  • Invitation Fee: Rs 2500 / month.( monthly payment only )
  • No. of seats: 25 only.
  • Admission is  through a brief personal interview and test.

If interested, or have queries, please email us at