R&D in India

As India emerges as one of the world’s largest economies, it needs to gradually move from being a net consumer of knowledge to becoming a net producer. Critically evaluate the status of Research and development in India. (10 minutes, 250 words)


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  1. India is one of the one of the major emerging economies in the world. Its GDP is increasing at an impressive rate. In economy, India is doing well in comparison to the rest of the world. Ease of doing business has been an important factor in its growth story.
    But when it comes to research and development in innovation, India lags behind most of the major countries. It depends on foreign countries for weapons, scientific aid. For example Russia, Israel.
    India’s position is poor in Science and Development due to following reasons.
    1. Lack of funds
    India spends merely 0.6 to 0.7 % of GDP on research and development as part of public expenditure. While the US spends 2.8 cent, China spends 2.1 %, and Israel spends 4.5%.
    2. In most countries, the private sector carries out the bulk of research and development. But in India the government is not only the primary source of research and development funding but also it’s the primary user of the fund.
    3. India has no forms in 5 of the top 10 research and development sectors as a post to China that has a presence in each of them.
    India has been ranked at 13 by nature index, which publishes tables based on count of high quality research outputs in the previous calendar year covering the natural Sciences.
    However, the picture is not fully depressing, as investment in Indian Sciences measured in terms of gross expenditure in research and development and development have shown constantly increasing trend over the years.
    Given India’s need for increasing research and development development, there is a need for for ease of doing science which would facilitate environment for scientific development.

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