Right approach to GS ethics for CSE

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In the IAS exam, It’s  likely that you would be asked to resolve the ethical dilemma involved in different types of cases. While taking a position you must keep in mind
1. If situation is formal or informal. Formal situation should be approached as per standard laws and regulation. Informal situation gives you latitude to use your own but ethical choices.
2. The status and the roles: A person’s role and responsibilities vary according to his position in social /administrative strata. So the ethical concerns of an officer is inescapably wider than his subordinate.
3. Although a behavior could categorically be ethical or unethical ; consequential / utilitarian moral value is frequently used to judge rightness and wrongness of an formal decision of an officer.
4. In some situations, ethics is a matter of degree.. (More or less ethical)..or..( More or less unethical )
5. In case of logical – ethical dilemma , decision is optimized that is, you settle at point where both factors are simultaneously high.
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Arun Kumar, Mentor-Beautiful Mind IAS Institute

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