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Some  Newt and  Salamander can regenerate their damaged organs. Discuss the new researches showing such possibilities in human beings for the damaged heart and brain cells  which usually do not regenerate in adults. 5 marks.

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  1. Hints: scientists have been struggling with the tasks of regeneration of damaged heart and brain cells. Implant technology don’t give much hope as implants failed in the most cases. skin cells do not take on the roles of the heart . In other words, they​ don’t switch the roles and pump blood.
    Now some scientists from the US have got some initial success in getting the results by the help of stem cells. Analogy is newt which can re grow a damaged organ. The scientists however struggling in decoding the communication mechanisms that how new cells know in such organisms which cells( heart, skin, brain etc ) should be grown.
    The science magazine ” The nature” reports.
    The success is that skin cells( for example ) can be converted into heart cells via stem cell route. The challenges ahead are to provide cellular message to these cells to grow as a particular cells. The mapping of the cells and their internal communications are yet to be discerned fully.

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