Sensory memory

Q. Differentiate the concepts of sensory processes and sensory memories. What is the rationale of calling it memory as its duration is extremely short? 100 words.

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  1. Processing of information, which we perceived through our senses, into sensory memory is called sensory process. And holding that processed information for a very short time after disappearance of the physical stimulus is done by the sensory memory.

    Sensory process is the process of transduction, which convert the received stimuli into neural impulses so that it can be processed further and it is stored in the sensory memory for further processing.

    Memory lasts less than a second in sensory memory but it is necessary to for two main reasons –
    First, the stimuli which our senses receiving is changing constantly and rapidly. We able to read the whole sentence and understand its meaning due to this memory. It helps in maintaining our continuity in retaining the information, as we read the first word of sentences it will fade away till we reach to the last word of that sentence.

    Second, we need sensory memory to keep the record of the stimuli for a few moments so that stimuli were quickly examined for further processing and encode that stimuli into other memory.

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