stimulus deprivation

Q. What’re the major effects of stimulus deprivation on the cognition, emotion and behaviours of organisms? Answer under the light of research studies. 5 marks

Model answer outline: 

Living beings on the earth have sense organs to receive stimulation from the environment and  respond appropriately. The organism system is so beautifully synchronised with the environment that there appears complete continuity.

The problem surfaces when there’s some issues in the sensory channels​. Due to pathology or something else, if an organism is deprived of some stimulation , it affects the functioning of the organism. For examples, kitten raised in the restricted environment that deprives them if some normal vertical visuals stimulation, show malfunctioning of the cognitive system characteristics of “vertical blindness”. The kitten , though otherwise normal, were not capable to sense  and respond to the vertical lines.

The lab experiments on the human subjects who were kept deprived of a particular sensory stimulation, showed highened need for the stimulation and the subject were ready to anything to get it back. Their normal psychological functioning was disturbed.

Linguistic deprivation ( partial and quality wise) due to impoverished environment, shows some permanent damage. ( Burnstien). The case studies of subjects deprived of early linguistic deprivation also confirm the hypothesis of permanent damage for higher linguistic profiency. The subject however could develop some basic linguistic abilities. ( The wild child by Susan Cobasa’).

Complete stimulus deprivation has not been reported so far and we can’t conduct lab experiments on such issues due to ethical reasons. We therefore don’t have complete understanding of the effects of stimulus deprivation.

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  1. very accurately represented answer. psychology as a subject needs complete understanding to relate it to our world and all societal problems . The need to take up psychology as an optional subject is a very apt choice and it also needs complete understanding of how to comprehend and produce the answer to correlate it to our daily lives.

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