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  1. Artificial intelligence is the use of computer to mimic human cognitive process for decision making. It is basically, intelligence demonstrated by machines instead of humans and animals. For example food cooked by robots.
    Its application is becoming a prominent feature of today’s world. Its application in agriculture, education, Health care, smart cities etc, can help in dealing with various social and economic problems faced by the country.
    Other ways, in which Artificial Intelligence can help India fight social economic problems are as follows
    1. Traffic issue is very frustrating in urban areas. So, rerouting traffic in smart cities can be a very efficient application of artificial intelligence.
    2. Google neutral network identified cancerous skin lesions more often than exports dermatologist did. India with its acute shortage of specialist doctors in rural areas could benefit greatly from such a tool.
    3. Artificial intelligence machine learning can also help improve crop yield. Example includes, knowing whether condition and soil health etc.
    However, there are some impediments in developing artificial intelligence competency in India which is holding it back.
    1. India hardly has any artificial intelligence today. Only around four percent of Indian artificial intelligence professionals are trained in emerging Technologies such as deep learning.
    2. India also lacks quality data in building smart AI tools. This is specially true for sectors like like agriculture and health.
    3. Operation of artificial intelligence requires skilled human capital something India is poor in as most of its population lack even basic education.
    So India needs to take some measures to reform the ecosystem for Al, so that it can harness the potential of artificial intelligence well. This include facilitating the availability of proper data, skilling youth, adopting good policies for encouraging firms to adopt artificial intelligence.

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