The impact of poverty

Q. Poverty is a big stressor. Its impacts are much diverse and deeper than the impact caused by other stressors. Research shows pretty high correlation between poverty and neuroticism.

Specify the other detrimental impacts of poverty on an individual’s growth and development. 10 marks

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  1. Poverty is the manifest condition as a result of prolonged absolute deprivation of resources. poverty does not only include material absence but also improper availability of congenial and stimulating environment.

    Poverty is seen to correlate with neuroticism as seen in a number of research studies apart from neuroticism poverty is seen to impact as follows

    1 in a study conducted by Mcclelland he claim that poverty leads to high dependency and low achievement motivation later studies show that poverty leads to low extension motivation as well.
    2. Adverse effect on physical and mental growth poverty can lead to stunting malnourishment and wasting in children below the age of 5 and at the same time sufficient neuronal development does not take place.
    3. Poverty can lead to Juvenile delinquency and substance abuse disorders. Parents of poverty stricken family are often engaged in domestic violence, substance abuse, etc which leads harmful effect on a child’s future
    4. Environmental stressors as well as inadequacy of a congenial environment for cognitive development hampers child in academic achievement as well as linguistic development which are essential for a bright future( piaget).

    Harmful impact of poverty on a person specially child can be overcome by a multipronged approach. Community assistance, the role of NGOs along with the Government support is necessary for developing the human capital essential for overcoming the vicious cycle of poverty.

  2. Poverty is not just a lack of money, it is not having the capibility to realize the fullest potential.
    As we know, poverty limits our choices so in the highly impoverished conditions a person becomes deprive of good nutritional intake which affects our mental as well as physical haelth results in to neuroticism i.e the feeling of stress, anxiety and depression etc.
    Poverty has a multidimensional consequences on each and every aspect of person’s life some are visible and some are non visible. For instance-
    Poverty is the deprivation of opportunities like-
    * inability to access resources for example good education,effective health care facilities etc
    *lack of participation in sociocultural activities like donation,relief fund,festive programmes at community level etc.
    *forced to work as child labourers or indentured labourers.
    *less socialization as they feel hesitate and at some places they marginalised deliberately.
    *myopic view of life
    *disguised unemployment
    *non adaptibility to modern technological world
    *less exposure to the different fooding style,dressing style etc.
    *lack of income to avail basic ammenities of life like toilets, approriate house etc.
    *meagre involvement in economic activity shopping,investment etc.
    *more prone to be trap in vicious cycle of “DEBT”
    *minimum contribution to GDP
    *low achievement level
    *belief in destiny
    *feeling of unworthiness, low confidence etc.

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