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  1. A terrorist or terrorists can be defined as a person or a group of personnel’s who are seeking a Fundamental or Radical change in a society/ group / individual /community /geographic location etc.

    A diverse range of factors are responsible for orientation of a person towards terrorism

    Major causes of terrorism.
    #1 – The Need for a fundamental change

    When certain individuals are not satisfied with a system of policies or government and have an ideology which is strongly reinforced with a desire for change within them, pushes a person towards change.
    Eg- Terrorist groups like ISIS, HAMAS, LeT are the examples of Ideology driven terror organization.

    #2 – HomeLand Insecurities(geographic factors)

    If a person or a group of persons feels threatened of a foreign invasion into their lands the Radical way to oppose is known as terrorism

    Eg- Even today the British recognize Bhagat Singh as a terrorist and not Mahatma Gandhi although their struggle was the same.

    Effects on individuals

    #1 Unemployment :
    Joblessness can lead to poverty and can easily choose the extremes for change.
    Eg- post WW1 and the treaty of Versailles, unemployment and hyper inflation in Germany pushed the people towards extremes to fullfil their needs and hence Nazi Germany was created and WW2 came into being.

    #2- Communal insecurities.
    If a person is pursued with continual nag in the form of digital media sources and speechs which are biased towards an ideology which the person follows and is reinforced within him as a threat to the community can also orient the person to become a Terrorist.
    Eg- The Rohingya refugees are just another victim of communal insecurities within their home country of Myanmar.

    Therefore we can conclude that a desire for change or want towards a specific GOAL DRIVEN ideology mixed with the feeling of oppression by the other while the person is Unemployed and is facing social or individual crisis can lead a person towards terrorism.

    1. Nice effort… Just move one step forward to pinpoint the root of terrorism. The aspirations for change do not have any problem. The main problem is the means on adopt for seeking the change. Gandhi used non violent tools like civil disobedience, non cooperation etc whereas several other resorted to violence for the same cause. Moreover, terrorism is a philosophy of terror that teaches individuals/groups to use terror to pressurise government to accept their demands

  2. A person aiming at bringing socio-political changes using pressure or creating fear rather than using civilian method of persuasion, petition beholds the principle of terrorism. Various factors may be responsible for undertaking such catastrophic path.

    Fundamentalism and extremism can be considered as the prime reasons for this. The belief that something is right is such a rigid thought that they fail to give space to others such as my religion is the only righteous religion as seen in the case of Islamic extremism in some of the Asian countries and hence they even try to create fear to make people accept it.

    The disadvantaged section or the deprived people because of historical reasons may also resort to such behaviour if they feel that it is the only way left out to bring about dynamic changes in the system which they have longed for in the hope of driving them out of the deprived situation by the government or prevailing system. Left wing extremism can be seen in this light.

    But the ultimate factor in making a person terrorist is a person who is able to bring together such like minded people or garner support from them and provide a support system and confidence to showcast and carryout such activities.

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