War is an ultimate competition

Q. War is an ultimate competition that can not be won only with weapons and bodies. Explain and elaborate the role of psychology in winning a war. 15 marks

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  1. War, in true sense is an ultimate competition since it involves life and death. Several pre-requisites are required to win a war of which physical, technological, and psychological strengths form the main bases. Physical and technological elements strengthens the spirits of people involved in war but psychological warfare which depends on the morale, is the most important one since it binds together all other elements and finally leads to victory. War can be pursued even if some factors are missing but the moment the morale breaks the team may escalate to the losing side.

    Any sound country or group can go for proper selection of soldiers and import required weapons but the course of the war may affect people’s morale which maximally needs to be kept at an optimum level. The ultimate goal is to make the opposite side surrender which can be done by breaking their morale and bringing about a change of mind to make them surrender their willingness to resist or flight. This can be done in several ways. Propaganda works as an effective means in this regard. The effectiveness of propaganda depends on various factors. Firstly, proper target group should be selected since different groups have different interests which can be used to influence them. Also groups of different categories can be targetted like the labour groups can be used against the government or the soldiers can be delivered information about bad things happening back home. The knowledge of activities going on in a country also helps to target the group effectively and break their morale. Black propaganda can forget escalate the problems of the opposite side. The proper means of dissemination of message such as through newspapers or through radio need to be worked upon depending upon the population like newspapers may not work if majority of the population is illiterate. The truth which can shake the morale of the people is more effective than using any lie since there is a possibility of it being falsified soon. The timing and interpretation of the message is equally important to seize the opportunity. For instance, the timely delivery of the news of death of the leader may lower urge to fight and win.

    Finally if the soldiers interpret that the material disadvantage of defeat is no longer greater than disadvantage of continued resistance, they may automatically surrender since they no longer find that goal attainable. However there may a deviation from this general principle if the soldiers believe that surrender means dishonor like in second World war, Japanese soldiers fought for their emperor and believed in the glory of death for their emperor.

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