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  1. Introduction : ” water is the driving force of all nature”. – Leonardo Di Vinci.
    India is not a water rich country. Agriculture mostly depends on rain that is uncertain too. 80% of water is used in agriculture and out of this more than 50% goes to few water intensive crops like paddy, sugar cane, wheat etc.
    Problems:an omen of water crisis : paddy and sugar cane are two of the most water guzzling crops. As monsoon rain is uncertain and that too only 3months a year, irrigation is used. where previoiusly canal irrigation was used, nowground water is used and it comprises more than 60% resulting fast depletion of ground water in states like punjab. Govt procurement policy, water subsidy, electric subsidy for solar pump for pumping ground water is causing havoc. As paddy, sugarcane gicves guaranteed sale and getting swater electric subsidy they are not going for any other crops hence india may soon face tremendous water crisis .
    govt intervention : 1. initiatives to cover maximum areas under drip and sprinkler irrigation.
    2. pradhan mantri krishi sinchayee yojna that promotes “har khet ko pani “, “more drop per crop”
    way forward : spreading awareness is needed . people should understand judicial usage of water and understanding its importance is important for achieving SDG goal 6 . Rain harvesting and water conservation is needed . Farmers should be encouraged to cultivate crops that use less water like corn, millet . Mixed farming, mixed cropping will help farmer to increase their income in case one crop fails. Technology can help too assessing weather condition , giving information about soil, weather. cumulative effort is needed to increase farmers income without depleting the water resource.

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