1 thought on “What’s ethics? Are ethical principles absolute? Answer with suitable examples.”

  1. Model answer outline:
    Ethical nature of the human beings distinguishes them from other animals on the planet, otherwise, humans are not better than animals in the most other respects.
    Ethical principles stem from the moral Nature of the human beings. Ethical principles are not totally learned and man-made. We are not ethical simply because we are fearful of the dire consequences of not following the ethical principles. We human beings are noble by nature, atleast in part. ( S. Freud, Dalai Lama).
    This noblity is the bedrock of the all ethical principles that we see in the different walks of human life.
    When laws are formulated by the different social group or institution, we base them not only on the logical footing but on the ethical ground as well. Treating the unequals equally is logically perfect but ethically wrong. This is the reason why we offer our seats in buses or trains to those who are medically sick .
    As we know, ethical principles are rooted in human goodness, the formulation of ethical principles essentially follow this basic spirit but its forms in the different walks of life vary due to variation in the contexts and time. The ethics of Islam does not permit for taking interest on the money lended to the poor but in the modern time , entire banking system runs on this . Different contexts and time make ethical principles relatively good rather than absolutely good…

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