Why do some students score less marks in Psychology paper 2 in the civil service examination?

Most students who get poor marks in paper 2 commit the following common mistakes.

  1. The uniform approach : psychology paper 2 involves applied topics which deserve application based approach. This approach entails the theory and perspective from psychology paper 1 and the data from the real life experience. Several students do not realise the importance of perspective as well as data. They often approach the paper 2 as they approach the paper 1. This uniform approach is unsolicited. They must make fusion of perspective and data.
  2. Ready made / rote answer : A question in paper 2 seldom demands for a ready made and stereotyped answer. It indeed requires a lot of customizations of approach to deal with problem in a given context . Psychology of well being for instance, requires differential customization in the rural and the urban India. In  cities people generally have adequate financial well being but poor social well being whereas the situation is just opposite in the Indian villages.
  3. Only ideas, no research data:
  4. No interdisciplinary approach to deal with a reality holistically :
  5. Lastly, their answers are largely like answers for general studies. Remember just jotting down a few names can’t do justice with an applied question. It requires scientific analysis of the issue under the light of systems and theories of psychology.

Arun Kumar, Mentor Beautiful Mind IAS Institute 01125719871

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