A suitable strategy about the general studies

Yesterday I met with a student who came for a counseling session. He works with a French company and is doing preparation for the civil service exams. Along with several personal questions, he asked me a common question if his strategy was right for GS. He everyday follows several websites, then notes of several coaching , watches videos lesson…and many more things.
I asked” you are doing a lot but looks anxious.why?
He explained” sir I am a working individual. I need to roam across india and sometimes abroad. I painstakingly do all these things to prepare but I am not able to everything that I plan to do. Then I feel I wouldn’t be able to make it. Moreover, I’m not sure if I will be able to retain all these. Ncert series i am doing side by side. Please tell is this a right approach..
This was not a very difficult question for me to answer but if one would subscribe to that answer is a bigger question..
I told him ” you should note that most of the successful students in prelims and mains do the same things that the unsuccessful students do. What matters more is the right filter to cut the volume of information and the suitable depth of knowledge.
The questions of geography in the general studies,for example, do not require you to be experts of the field. Likewise, you need not to know and retain everything like Google does.
I have been witness of both the successful and unsuccessful students. What I can tell you is that the successful students

  1. don’t try to read everything and different things but relevant and important things. At times, they also feel stressed what to read and what to leave..It is very common.
  2. are more consistent .
  3. are good reader. They enjoy newspaper reading. They take interest. !
  4. have good skills to manage time.
  5. Do regular writing practice
  6. don’t hesitate to take help of friends, experts and teachers..
    In brief I can tell you that preparation of GS for the civil service examination is a process. It requires you to be within the process. You can tame it only by being with it for sometime. For this , you must have a suitable attitude. GS is not easy or tough. It depends how long and involved you have been with it. ( Continue…)
    God bless you
    Arun kumar
    Mentor, Beautiful mind

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