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Arun Kumar, Mentor, Beautiful Mind

“Psychology is a nice optional subject for the civil service examination if you have interest in human behaviors and have a personal mentor who could teach, test and guide you in a customized way”-Arun kumar, 
M. Sc. (Psy), UGC ( NET), R&T Exp 15+

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Benchmark SCORES in Psychology

  1. 318 marks – Venkata K Varri Rank 593, CSE-16.
  2. 311 marks- Joseph K Mathew, CSE – 16
  3. 306 marks – Anuj Malik, Rank 16, CSE 2016
  4. 302 marks Mitali Sethi, Rank 56, CSE 2016
  5. 296 ( 146+ 150 ) Marks in Psychology in CSE 2018

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Plus features of our Live-online classes

Exclusive Live-online For CSE 21

  • Admission open: Batch ( from 25th July 2020, Timing: 4.30-6pm )
  • No. of online seats in a batch: 20 only
  • 5-Days weekly: Mon, Tues, Wed( Test Series), Thursday, Friday
  • Duration: about 5 months
  • Mode : Live-online only.
  • Fee: ₹ 55000. ( The fee could be paid in installments.( T&C apply)
  • Admission is through a brief telephonic interview.
  • Email  us at or WhatsApp message to 7863001300.

Joseph K Mathew, who scored 311 marks in Psychology in IAS exams 2016
Parul Pradhan, Rank 320, CSE 2017
Chaitra T John IPS, Rank 111 CSE 2014 speaks about her success story
CSE 2019- model answer – Teleological approach of psychoanalysis and the rise of behaviourism
The cognitive perspective on behaviour
Discuss the role of optimism as factor moderating the impact of stress. 10 marks. CSE 2018
How to prepare Psychology optional for CSE
Describe ‘Broadbent’s filter theory of attention.
An interview with Mittali Sethi (Rank 56th UPSC CSE 2016) .( Plz use earphone as audio is weak