If mains decides whether you will be in civil list or not, UPSC interview decides at what position you will be in that list.
So it is imperative that one should seek interview guidance from a competent expert.
For me, that crucial piece of guidance came from Arun Kumar Sir of Beautiful Mind IAS who taught me the soft skills required to crack the puzzle of interview. He taught me how to remain cool and confident throughout the interview so that interview doesnt go downhill after one small mistake.
Surely, sir has such excellent and handy tips which can help any interview candidate!

182 Marks in CSE-2018, Interview

Madhulika Vijay Deogoji

[Rank 190, CSE-2018. 

193 Marks in interview Parul Pradhan,Rank 320,CSE-17

congratulations !

If you don’t feel confident, have so many confusions and are anxious , please contact for our personal guidance session. I will help you restore and improve your confidence . –Arun Kumar, Faculty & cl Psychologist

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