CSE Interview: Tips

Your genuineness pays 

Do you know why an individual hides or tries to disguise the truth about his or her personality?
The answer is simple: Because he/she thinks that that reality is not socially appropriate and acceptable. We are social being and have deep concern for social impression. We try to paint our personal reality with social colour. This is a normal tendency.
Some individuals, however, go far beyond and become over judgmental of themselves. They don’t accept many of their personal realities as they think that would show their weaknesses. They are very fearful of their true selves. They try to live in a ideal world. When asked about themselves, they are not spontaneous in their answers as they censor a lot.
On the other hand are individuals who are very open. They are realistic. They know that some aspects of their lives are not very idealistic but are present. They can talk about their deficiency with ease and accept also. They know that such things can not overpower their strength areas. And they need not to over concerned about this. They are spontaneous and sound realistic.
Research in the personality shows that such individuals are more reliable for any kind of services. Conscientiousness is a powerful dimension of personality assessment and such individuals always score high even when assess through interview.
I therefore would like to suggest you to carry yourself with ease and answer without any assumption. I have noticed that your genuineness has the greatest payoff in the civil service interview .