Diversity Management

What is the concept of diversity management? Why do we also need to manage diversity along with managing human resources in an organisation? Discuss the ways  it can be promoted in the indian setting.20

Model answer outline :
Management of diversity is basically to include abled people from different corners of the world.
Why does an organisation try to manage diversity?
1) Multinational image of the company and its products and services..( diversity due to market need)
One plus mobile phone company is basically a Chinese company but in its headquarters at Shenzhen has employees from twenty countries. The company served 42 countries around the world in 2016.
2) constitutional obligation : some countries do follow this norms to promote social integration. For instance, in India, a government office has composition that is determined by the transfer – posting department of pernonnel. The policy guidelines, purposefully maintain diversity.
3. To promote a great work culture…Pete Lau, the CEO of the one plus company had been searching for such a engineer in 2016, who also knows to play drums.. To create a good work environment.
4. Diversity means better survival in the time of crisis To prevent people from getting organised to fight and bargain with the company…
5. Social analogy?
Promoting organic solidarity that grows on diversity at the place of mechanical solidarity which grows on similarity and complementarity ( Durkhiem, Spencer. H)… as diversity enhances better survival and growth of any social unit…

How to manage diversity in India?
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-Arun Kumar