Q. Like ” any body can dance”, is true that ” anyone can be an entrepreneur”? Substantiate your view. 10 marks

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  1. We cannot generalise that if “anybody can dance” then “anyone can be entrepreneur” due to the following reasons:

    1. According to Stenberg individuals possess PRACTICAL ( CONTEXTUAL ) INTELLIGENCE which suggest that they should be able to solve to solve daily problems more effectively and they should be like street smart which is a high characterstic in entrepreneur as they face many daily challenges
    and not everyone is high on this intelligence whereas for dancers even if they are low on this intelligence they can still dance

    2. According to GARDNER THEORY there are intelligences which an entrepreneur must posses like
    a) VERBAL LINGUISTIC – to be a good orator

    b) LOGICAL MATERIAL – to be good in logic

    c) SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE – have good imagination power

    d) INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE- to understand others effectively

    e) INTRAPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE – to understand self

    f) NATURILISTIC INTELLIGENCE – to understand the world around him

    even if a dancer lacks these intelligence he can still dance whereas for an entrepreneur these intelligences are must have and he should be high on these intelligences

    so not anyone can be an entrepreneur

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