Explain the role of hypothesis in psychological researches with suitable examples. 10 marks, CSE 2019.

The right approach : Students may start discussing what is a hypothesis. But the question here asks to specify the roles of hypothesis. You should , therefore, be focused on specifying the major roles with the help of examples.
Model answer outline :
In a scientific research, we often try to know some relationship under the light of evidences. For example, how presence of others influences performance of a person. But the problem is that we don’t know the exact relationship among variables and there could be several possibilities. For instance, presence of others may improve or hamper performance.
In order to resolve this issue, we use a technique called ” Hypothesis”
A hypothesis is an assumed relationship and this assumption could be right or wrong. It is verified under the light of data.
A hypothesis is thus like a search light in the dark.
It gives us way to move ahead and examine the validity of the assumption otherwise we would be locked in the world of possibilities and probability.
Triplett, for example, hypothesed that social presence  improves performance (reeling speed in the fishing). His repeated observations fetched data that confirmed this hypothesis.
Hypothesis as a guard against bias:
A null hypothesis approach( negating the hypothesis) moreover, helps researchers get rid of confirmation bias and chance errors . In the case of Triplett research, the null hypothesis approach would try to disprove( rather than to prove) the assumption that social condition improves performance. It control confirmation bias.
Hypothesis as controller of chance factors :
A null hypothesis (Ho) approach, also ensures that difference between the observations under two conditioning( controlled and experimental) is not due to chance factors.
# Students are advised to use this framework of the answer.