GS-Geography& Environment

A test series for CSE 2020

Integrated Prelims & Mains 

By: Suchitra Chaudhary

[NET in Geography with 93.41 percentile]

Online mode only.

Our innovative Approach: Step by step comprehensive evaluation and  diagnosis of the weak areas of knowledge & suggestions for remedial learning. Rather to take traditional text test approach , we advise and take test -text approach for more effective and rapid preparation. This is a well tested innovative formula for those who have finished their basic studies of the topics prescribed by UPSC. We have tested and retested this formula for several years with optional subjects which require even more deep knowledge.

Program Features:

  1. A modular test comprising
    • 25 MCQs in section A and
    • 4 descriptive questions from the CSE-mains previous year papers in section B  will be given  in chapter-wise manner weekly on every Saturday.
  2. Students will write ( on paper) & submit their answers as PDF same day to a dedicated WhatsApp No.
  3. The answers will be evaluated not only for marks but shortcomings too and expert’s suggestion for improvement will be given.
  4. A model answer outline will also be provided. It will be supplemented by audio/video lectures.
  5. one-to one customized guidance will also be given time to time.
  6. For prelims, this will a litmus test for the level of your preparation which in turn would fuel your intrinsic motivation as well.

New Batch Upcoming for CSE 2020 !

  • Trial run is going on From 13th December 2019. .
  • Days of Test : Saturday
  • Duration: 3 month.
  • No. of tests: 12
  • Invitation Fee: Rs 7500
  • No. of seats: 25 only.
  • Admission is going on

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