Happiness and Attitude

If someone thinks she would be truly happy after achieving success in her life..This is her fallacy. Survey researches from the world over and from the diverse fields reveal that… True happiness is unconditional. It is not connected with the consequences, no matter if it is big or small. It is truly rooted in being involved in the process. Difficult tasks, your fear of failure.. everything could be source of pleasure if you have realistic attitude.
If you are involved in the process, your sufferings will be as sweet as would be your success. You will miss this time after getting success. This is not my opinion but a fact. If you don’t believe, ask a person who has cleared this examination…
Challenging tasks motivate those who are involved in the process and frustrate those who focus on the consequences and put lots of conditions for being satisfied.
So, I would like to suggest that enjoy every moment and keep improving.
God bless you happiness!
Arun Kumar
Clinical Psychologist
Mentor Beautiful Mind