How is Beautiful Mind-IAS for Psychology optional?

If you want to know its real answer, you need to take a scientific approach. The scientific approach relies upon empirical data. You need to watch the several videos available on Youtube channel ( Beautiful Mind-IAS) and then make informed judgement about its quality. After all ,Psychology is a science of behaviour.

Why to rely upon other person’s opinion and perception when you, yourself, could see and judge it directly?

Intelligent people prefer direct evidences. Nothing could be hidden in this information age. Just believe your own eyes and your fine sense of judgement.

Then why do some people criticise Beautiful Mind-IAS?

George Bernard Shaw once said ” if you do not have enemy, it simply means you dont have charachar’

Beautiful IAS offers personal guidance program in which classes are interactive. At times, several students are criticized in constructive ways for their inconsistencies and other issues in preparation. Some students, who don’t like being asked in the class react emotionally in subtle ways like writing negative reviews on the social media platforms .

In contrast, emotionally intelligent students approach to the teacher and clear their doubts if they have. They have guts to look at the criticisms given by the teacher and ask him the ways to overcome and perform well.

Criticism is inevitable irrespective of the quality of performance. What matters more is the experiences of the majority and if individual’s experience matters, then it should be of those who became successful from the same institute. All successful students can’t be biased. You may learn from their attitude and behaviour. Subscribe to their opinions after cross examining with your own direct experiences through video.

Lastly, no any individual or institution is perfect. if you pay the fee, why you should hesitate to make most of it. You have right to get value for money. Just let them know if some issue arises.

But if someone himself or herself is not putting effort, what teacher and parents could do and who would stop them from criticising.

God bless you.

Arun Kumar

Mentor, Beautiful Mind-IAS

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