How is big five factor theory of Personality different from the 16 PF ? 15 Marks CSE 2019

The approach: The distinction can be made atleast along five dimensions. Here we are providing the name of the dimensions. Kindly elaborate the points adequately.

  1. Nature of personality dimensions: 16 PF involves bipolar dimensions whereas big 5 involves rating over postive spread. A person is judged for the degree of possession. Moreover, for every dimension, there are six facets in big 5 model.
  2. Approaches of theories: 16 PF is completely a mathematical model developed using technique of factor analysis. Big 5 involves factors analysis plus empirical data from from the studies of language and questionnaire
  3. Scope of the theory: 16 PF, according to its developper Raymond Cattell, only aims at predicting behaviour whereas big 5 also strives for explanation for the typical behaviour. But predictive power is more in 16 PF as it uses specification equation comprising person and situation interaction.
  4. Validity of the theories: Ecological validity of big 5 is higher than that of 16 PF. Lang and Livesley found heredity estimate exceeding 40% for all the factors. Cross cultural validity is more in big 5 model of personality. Studies in evolutionary psychology support big five theory.
    big five is still criticise for its inadequacy ..if only five are sufficient for the all kinds of personality.
  5. Application: the Big five also has power to diagnose personality disorders, apart from use in organisations . No clinical use of 16 PF.

Arun Kumar, Beautiful Mind-IAS

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