How to make most of the psychology test series program for CSE 2019

Dear student

Thank you for choosing Beautiful mind. I hope our association will be fruitful and you will score relatively good marks. Last year, the score went upto 296.

If you want to score good marks by making most of the psychology test series program for CSE 2019 , please follow the suggestions given below.

  1. Practice on the last five years CSE questions topic wise. Topics should be synchronised with our test schedule.
  2. While attempting a question, don’t just try to recall what you have read in the past as questions now a days are largely analytical. For instance, how will you apply psychology in solving the problems of global climate change.
  3. Be systematic : if you can afford 4 hours for optional in a day, do it daily. Don’t pile up the tasks and don’t try to read too many things in one go.
  4. When you will take a test at Beautiful Mind either in online or offline mode, you will find standardised questions and testing procedures. Do not expect that extra time will be given. You will not be allowed to take a test if you miss on the scheduled date for any reason. It is all in your larger interest.
  5. Your answer will be evaluated and comprehensive feedback and suggestions will be given on how to improve. The development however will come only when you do the corrective study. Some students are very hardworking but they often fail to score well partly because they fail to work upon the suggestions.

I assure you that you will get quality evaluation, feedback and suggestions to improve but you must be methodological in your approach. Otherwise, almost everyone is hard working and hard work alone will not help you score well.

Look forward for your positive response.

Arun kumar

Mentor, Beautiful Mind IAS